Helicopter/Airplane Fractional Ownership Business

Boundary Bay Airport, Delta, BC

Basic Information

Opportunity to invest in a Helicopter or Airplane Fractional Ownership Business!

Start or invest in a fractional ownership business that offers your clients the right to fly a helicopter/airplane at only a fraction of the cost!

The business will be based at Boundary Bay Airport (CZBB), just minutes away from Vancouver International Airport, thus able to respond quickly to clients’ needs and provide fast, first-class local service to clients.

Benefits of fractional ownership:

Cost Effectiveness
Clients can enjoy the benefits of sole ownership at only a fraction of the cost! Acquiring the right to fly a brand new helicopter or aircraft is far less costly than solely owning either a new or used aircraft.

Hassle-Free Experience
The operator is responsible for the management and maintenance of the aircraft including fueling, maintenance, hangarage, insurance and cleaning, etc., so participants of the program can enjoy a true hassle-free experience.

The business model can offer convenience to clients through 24/7 online booking of helicopter/airplane.

Initial investment depends on the type of helicopter or aircraft acquired. E.g. a brand new R22 helicopter would be approximately $380,000.00.

For more information, please contact David Lai at 778-889-5022 or email davidlai@royalpacific.com.



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