Joint Venture Opportunity - Recruiting and Consulting Business - $500,000 for 45% share sale

Vancouver, BC


Basic Info

Footprints Recruiting was established in 2001 as a business placing teachers to find their dream positions abroad for 16 years in schools in the Middle East, Asia and around the world.  We are experts in matching our candidates with the best opportunities. Up to current, we have placed more than 12,000 teachers worldwide.

In additional to Footprint Recruiting we have added the following services:

  • Redbrick Consulting, a subsidiary division started May 2016, our consultants with over 35 years of experiences focusing on temporary, contract or permanent staffing solutions for different type of businesses.
  • Redbrick Technology, recently established in January 2018, is an independent consulting firm focused on our clients to make smart technology investments. We assist in search, selection and implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Client Relationship Management (CRM), Accounting and Point of Sale (POS) systems and everything in between.

Due to the expansion of the company, we are open for investment /joint venture for 45% of the entire turn-key business.  Together with our existing management structure and new opportunities, we believe that a much stronger team work will bring us to a higher level.

For further information and or potential foreign investors on how to get a work permit in Canada, please contact vendor’s agent Philip by email at or 1-604-721-7938 or Gloria Yu at 604-726-3337.


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