Listings Over 1 Million


Here is a list of current listings with asking price over 1 Million.  Contact us for any question or details on any of our listings.

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Thompson Nicola Regional District- Private Airport, BC

Opportunity to own a modern home in a rural country with air and road access to nearby cities. Please click here for details.
Bio Jet Fuel, Vancouver, BC

Opportunity to invest in the development of the next generation bio jet fuel. Please click here for details.
All Composite Diesel Powered LSA Airplane

The company found in 2000 based in Western Europe has developed, built and registered a 2-seater sport plane. Opportunity to offer the airplane both as a ready to fly airplane and as a kit for customers. Please click here for details.

This is a FAA certified single-engine amphibious aircraft. Asset sale includes the selling of technology, type certificate, marketing and manufacturing rights, production jigs and tooling for the aircraft. Relocation of the production line, commissioning and training costs are extra. Please click here for details.
Aircraft Hangar at Pitt Meadows Airport - $2.1 million
Pitt Meadows, B.C.

20,000 sq ft hangar built in 2009 for sale. Currently providing hangar storage service for both long and short term turn-a-round clients. Lots of potential usage for the hangar such as housing a light aircraft assembly plant. Please click here for details.
Aircraft Manufacturing Business - Production Toolings & Jigs

This is one of a kind prestigious business that takes many years of R & D and investment to come up to today. This is a light aircraft manufacturing business with many years in the market and thousands of kit planes (2-6 seater) being built and flown worldwide. Please click here for details.
Gold Coins_300_200Wholesaler / Retailer - Foreign Exchange, Bullion, Coins & Jewellery Trading - $2.5 million Share Sales (inventories extra)
Vancouver, B.C.

This is a Vancouver-based wholesaler with retail store in Foreign Exchange, Bullion, Coin and Jewellery trading business. New Owner must be financially qualified. Business operation and familiarization shall be provided. Click here for details.
Bio_diesel_300_200Proposal - Building a New Bio-Diesel Manufacturing Facility - $1.26 Million (setup & commissioning included)
Lower Mainland, B.C.

This is a new project allowing investor to apply under the B C PNP to come to Canada. Latest technology to be provided in the bio-diesel production industries. Click here for details.


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