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Asset sale includes the selling of technology, type certificate, marketing and manufacturing rights, production jigs and tooling for the aircraft.  Relocation of the production line, commissioning and training costs are extra.

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Basic Information:

Type Certificate was issued in 1955, up to current, over 1300 amphibious aircraft have been produced. Continuous engineering design improvements have been implemented throughout its history. Increased load capability, engine horsepower, seating capacity, operating range and electronics sophistication mark the major improvements incorporated over the years. Certified to the highest FAA part 23 standards, the Lake has evolved into a state of the art aircraft.

Type Certificate 1A13 contains design approvals for seven (7) models of amphibious aircraft. Currently, one (1) basic aircraft model are in production: Lake Model 250, with three (3) variations: the naturally aspirated RENEGADE and turbocharged SEAFURY for the personal/commercial markets, and the turbocharged SEAWOLF for the government sectors. Spare parts for all seven (7) models are also being produced.

Aftermarket opportunities continue to exist in spare parts sales, aircraft service centers, pre-owned aircraft sales, aircraft restorations, product improvements, flight training, commercial flight operations, and more.

The SEAWOLF market opportunities are growing and gaining momentum. These opportunities are expected to expand even more with the introduction of the Turbine SEAWOLF.

With the emergence of off-shore market opportunities, Lake amphibians are positioned well for continued growth into the twenty-first century.


More than 1,300 aircrafts were built in the last 50 years.  In 1991, a multi-mission version of the Lake Model 250 was developed. Designated the “SEAWOLF”, this version was modified structurally to allow for greater gross weight, providing for more fuel, passengers and/or cargo. Options include NVG cockpit, FLIR, Water Sample Collection System, Multi-Spectral Imaging System, etc. Under-wing hard points were also incorporated to allow for the installation of hardware applications for such missions as Search & Rescue, Aerial Surveillance, Maritime Patrol, Law Enforcement, Air Ambulance, and other missions.

The Lake Model 250 is the holder of 8 World Records in its class for Speed and Altitude.


The assets which are located in North America, consist of the following:

• FAA Type Certificate #1A13 (TC)
• Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s)
• Marketing Rights - Aircraft
• Marketing Rights - Spare Parts
• Manufacturing Rights - Aircraft
• Manufacturing Rights - Spare Parts
• Trademark and Trade Name Rights
• Component Tooling
• Assembly Tooling
• Fabrication Patterns, Dies, Jigs and Fixtures
• Engineering & Assembly Drawings (All Models)
• Flight, Maintenance, and Parts Manuals (All Models)
• FAA Certified Production and Quality Control Program Manuals
• Historical Files

Relocation of the production Line, commissioning and training extra to the selling price.

Potential Purchaser must be financially qualified and competent in owning this business.

Please contact Philip Hui at www.business@philhui.ca



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